About Technique

Tired, disillusioned and frustrated at the lack of true independent advice in today’s interiors market, Technique was formed in 2001 by Roger Croft who has over 25 years experience in the European contract furniture market. Since it’s inception it has developed its offering in order to provide Users and Specifiers a professional, independent and unbiased interiors consultancy service.

Technique’s skill sets include:

  • Product Selection & Contract Negotiation
  • Purchase Resale – Open Book
  • Project Management
  • Logistics & Move Management
  • Emphasis on Day 2 Service

These skill sets can be acquired in their entirety, for identified projects, or as independent elements in order to support business growth and development. Costs are invoiced either by project rate or on an hourly or day rate basis. Hourly and day rates can be CAPPED, negotiated and agreed up front in order to ensure that cost are controlled by the client at all times.

Should a user prefer to follow a conventional ‘Dealer’ route Technique will happily provide such a service & offer an ‘open book’ approach.

With the considerable benefit of understanding the industries manufacturing processes in addition to manufacturer & dealer margins, Technique’s ‘Poacher turned Gamekeeper’ approach ensure that the user is in receipt of the ‘best package’ (Cost : Service) available. Technique’s target market is myriad but encapsulates the following key areas;

A. Developing, Dynamic Organisations: These organisations SEE interiors & facilities as a necessary evil…..
……They require their premises to function both effectively and efficiently, yet due to the companies strategic and dynamic growth pattern have evolved their interiors strategy rather than had the luxury of being able to plan it. Subsequently, responsibility within these organisations for interiors falls to the MD/CEO (and or their PA), Finance Director or Human Resources Manager.

This additional responsibility falls outside of their PRIMARY remit, which then becomes a distraction from their main role.

B. Established Organisations:These organisations ACCEPT that interiors & facilities are a necessary evil….
…And will have appointed a dedicated Premises/ Facilities Manager. Interior & facilities policies are defined with key costs, budgets and objectives identified. The user can select specific segments from within Technique’s identified skill sets customising a programme in order to assist them in achieving their in house objectives.

C. Specifiers: Specifiers, working in concert with Technique, are able to avail themselves of Techniques vast industry knowledge and experience. Especially valuable when there is a need to employ additional short term resources to support a new or existing client when internal resources are over stretched. Technique offer a ‘collation & packaging’ service for projects which require a number of ancillary products.

Having appointed Technique the Specifier manages the process yet delegates the time consuming, and sometimes frustrating, yet necessary element of the project. The interiors professionals are thereby free to concentrate their time, effort & expertise on the main elements of the project.

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