New Product

New Products

Technique are very pleased to introduce W80, Tecno’s ground breaking partitioning system & io.T its innovative remote desk/ meeting room, desk optimisation & HVAC control system.

W80 has 5 patented components that, uniquely, allow for the product to be levelled BEFORE you offer up the facias, by means of a clever levelling glide (Jack) & is installed very easily & quickly due to its patented attaching clips!!

Looks stunning & competes, very favourably, price wise, with the current market leaders. Two top UK ID firms have advised W80 is some 10 – 15% cheaper

io.T (Information Of Tecno) software & hardware transform the glazed partition into an interactive wall, allows users to book meeting rooms & desks remotely & facility managers to control HVAC & understand desk optimisation.

Please contact us for a personal demonstration of the W80 partition system when can also provide you with further information on io.T.

Sit Stand Debate

To Sit or to Stand now that, currently, is the Question!! Some thoughts on the benefits of the ’Sit Stand Debate’. Click here for product information and Click here for brochure.